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Tuesday, 12 Feb 2013

2013 Best Games ( Till now)

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With the start of the new year 2013 alot of great games has been released till now. and still there are many which will be going to be release next.So this time it will be hard for everyone that which game is the best Information-mag has made a list of the best games Till now.Check out the new list below. And discuss in comments in your view which game is the best one.

10. Sly Cooper Thevies in Time :

Sly-Cooper-Thieves-in-TimeSly cooper is back on Playstation this year and is one of the top games. it is also known as most enjoyable game for PS vita. It is made under the guidance of Sucker Punch.So this game is good for both the old players and the new players to the series of Sly.

9.Pixel People :


Real life is real hard to handle but pixel people are all virtual where u can unlock many kind of jobs and run your life is is based on the formula of  simcity but this one is quite simple addictive and awesome

8. The Cave :

the cave

The cave is a different kind of game where  3  character should join to uncover the mysteries of the cave so it is according to the mind of the player so there are many incentive of replaying of the game. So this is a good game so far. If you havn’t playe this till now you should play this .

7. Joe Danger Touch :


A good game it was first made for Ps3 and Xbox360 and it was fun . then it was redesigned for the Mobile devices . and it is as good as it was on the platforms.

6. Dead Space 3 :

Dead-Space 3

Dead space has returned with its 3rd installment to the game.It is a horror survivial game . the weapon system in this game is new from the both previous games  u can upgrade the way of you liek to fight the Necromorph.the story is absolutely amazing which will force you to play the game again and again.

5.Temple Run 2 :


Temple Run is the most famous games in smartphones. it is just a gameof running in this second game there are zip lines , fiery flames and many more other obstacles . Many other Mobile game developers copied its theme of running but still this game stand out to be the best.

4. Dmc : Devil May Cry


There were many critics to this game. but this game went  so flawless that everybody remained speechless. an addictive game like before the new story the new combat the new weapons upgrade it is just fantastic . this reboot of the game again made the devil may cry series the best of them all.

3.Ni No Kuni : Wrath of the White Witch


A RPG game ? no body thought that a rpg game will be that great . it is an awesome role playing game. and it may be the best Role playing game of the Year

2. Antichamber :


A puzzle game designed for pc. and it is actually was developed for Unreal Tournament 3 . and it is developed by only one person.

A. Fire emblem Awakening :



A Tactical and RPG game for Nintendo 3ds . the game developers moved the game to the next level. the gameplay mechanics are new and ability to marry and have children thats the new thing the added to RPG. and it can in the best 10 game of the year 2013.