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Wednesday, 23 Jan 2013

Batman Reboot

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Batman Reboot

The dark knight Trilogy was the best of the films of the decade. fans were so emotional when the trilogy ended. we all like Batman and we all want more movies of Batman. So here is the good news for all the fans Batman reboot is gonna take place in the upcoming years.So the rumor said that the Next movie of The batman will take place in 2017.But there are also rumors of  Justice league of America. now this is the problem whether JLA will release first of the Batman because it is risky too if JLA release first and its get flop then all the image of the Batman the Dark knight also goes all in vain. In the end of the dark knight rises there is a reference that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to be next batman. but in a interview with the actor himself he said if i am going to be appear in any of this Movie i will surely tell you about it. so there is no confirmation of both the films either.