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Tuesday, 12 Mar 2013

IRONMAN 3 Armors | A List of Armors from IRON MAN 3

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One of the most anticipating movie of 2013 Iron man 3 is coming this April to the cinemas. As we all have seen the trailers and keep seeing it till the movie came out. there are a lot of armors which can be seen in the upcoming movie. So this movie is going to be epic the movie is inspired by the comic books of iron man Extremis . Tony stark is now with the Extremis technology. and because of that technology Stark has made so many armors. And everybody who hates Stark want to get this technology. Tony has upgrade his armor from Mark VIII to the Mark XLVII. In the last trailer we have seen so many armors even the Big badass armor which was running at the end of trailer is The Hulkbuster armor.Now have a look at the list of armors….





1. Mark XLVII


we have seen all the armors from Mark I to VII but then after avengers a time has been passed in that time Tony Stark has created alot mark 47of armors and now his latest armor was Mark 47  and this was not an ordinary armor .it was Installed with Extremis Nano technology. we have seen in the trailer that he can move this armor just by a  signal what is that? Actually this new technology is controlled by his brain waves he can control that armor with his brain so Whenever he will want that armor will wrap around him.





2. HeartBreaker Armor :

Heartbreaker armor

This was a upgrade to Mark XLVII . what can be seen in this armor is that is has a really gigantic chest armor andUnibeam on is chest from it , It can shoot a large amount of energy.This armor will be used by Stark to take down other enemies who are infected with Extremis Technology and Mandarin


3.Deep Space Armor :

this armor was created firstly in the comics. what this armor features is that  is has large jet packs to travel fast in space. then there is aspace deep armor gel which protects this armor from two things if this armor again enter into earth atmosphere then the friction will cause no damage to this suit and the second is that it lowers the force of gravity of the earth that is why it is called the Space Deep armor. there will be a scene in the upcoming film Iron man 3 when iron man travels to space which will refer to the “Guardians of the Galaxy ” film.









4. Ghost Armor:

Ghost armor will be including in all of the armors of Ironman 3 film. we don’t know whether we will see this armor in action or not. but ghost armoranyways this armor features are that is is made by some special substances that it cant be traceable via radar and when flying it can blend into the environment that’s why it is called ghost armor and there are noise reduction system installed in it so that no one can hear him coming !










5.Stealth Armor :

this armor can be seen in the poster of ironman 3 film if you will zoom it . this was created in comics because every time Tony wanted stealth armorto hide  he was tracked in the radar that is why he created this.Tthere is no weapon installed on it. In the comics later he installed a plastic plus ceramic shell which saved him from magneto . because then he could controlled that armor because of his iron.










6.Hydro Armor :

This suit was appeared in the Avengers but in this Upcoming film it is a bit changed. as we can see in the is more like themedhydro armor for the underwater. in the comic Stark created this because he needed that armor for underwater missions. he will use this suit in Iron man 3 he will dive in pacific ocean after his Malibu mansion was attacked to search for clues









7. Hypervelocity Autonomous Personnel Protectorhappy armor

Armor :

the Short form of this armor is H.AP.P.Y  we don’t know much about this armor except one thing that is is upgraded with a new A.I system that will help stark in the fighting








8. Godkiller Armor :godkiller armor

this Armor is also just like two armors the Deep space armor and the H.A.P.P.Y armor because it is also used for space travel but its A.I is designed by Tony’s lovely  girlfriend Pepper Potts. and also its face design is really different from all others.







9. HulkBuster Armor :


This will be the Most coolest armor from Tony Stark. In the comics it was created to battle with Crimson Dynamo but it was mostly used for stopping the Hulk when he got out of control. In the Trailer you can clearly see this armor . A lot can be seen from this armor when the Movie so till then stay tune to Information-mag and have fun