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Thursday, 14 Mar 2013

Top Most Beautiful and Visited Cities Of the World

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Tourism is becoming more common than anything in the world. Many of the new married couples prefer to spend their honeymoon in a place far away from home.Every year thousand even millions of people travel to different cities here is the list of cities which people prefer the most for traveling…

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur


When it comes to Asia who can forget the capital of Malaysia. It is the finest place from all.According to calculations every year about 8.1 million people visits Kuala Lumpur, and it is on the 4th rank for tourism in the region of Asia.




if you visits Germany and are not planning to see Frankfurt then it might be your biggest mistake. The beautiful city also have an average of 8.1 million in a year.Frankfurt is on the 5th Rank in the Region of Europe.


DubaiHabibi ! Its Dubai,The biggest Shopping capital of Middle East . It is on 8th Rank on worldwide Ranking and On no.1 in Middle East.




Hala Madrid ! The City of Beautiful sculptures . Most of the people here are tourist. And in most movies  Madrid is shown as the Tourism City.In Europe it is on the 4th Rank But worldwide it is on 7th.

Hong Kong


An average of 11.1 million people visits Hong Kong every year.This City is attracting more people year after year.




Places like Hagia Sophia, Chora church and the grand Bazaar of Istanbul is the center of attraction  of people . Every year a lot of people travel to Istanbul.


SingaporeMany business related personalities and other people are making Singapore their travel place. every year round about 11.8 million people visit Singapore.




In our list is Bangkok is on the 3rd no. The City of Golden Buddhas surely has the enormous amount of visitors from all over the world.




Yes the beautiful city of Paris, surely deserves to be on the top. Paris is the most romantic cities from all over the world.One of the wonder of the world the Eiffel Tower is situated in Paris.. About 16 million people visits Paris every year.




London the city of Love, Opportunity and Dreams, is on the top of world ranking . A big number of people visits London every year.

Hope you enjoyed the list, stay tune to information mag for more.



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